PD 294

Instrument for revisions of three-phase electrical appliances.

The instrument for revisions of three-phase electrical appliances. The instrument PD 294 is design in its durable lock-up plastic suitcase. It is equipped with a firm supply cord with a three-phase 5-pin plug 32A. To the instrument PU 294 DELTA it is connected by the cable QD294. Furthermore, it has its firm cable connected with the single-phase plug for the connection to the measuring socket PU 294DELTA at the measurement of insulation resistances RISO, protective conductor resistance RPE and alternating leakage current ID. The single-phase socket is intended to supply power to PU 294DELTA but only if the instrument PD 294 is connected to the three-phase network by a middle conductor. The plugs and the cables are stored in the deposit space in the locked-up suitcase. The measured VALUES are shown on the display PU 294DELTA.

With the instrument PD 294 connected to PU 294 DELTA, it is possible to measure:

  • protective conductor current IPE
  • differential current IΔ
  • contact current IF
  • phase voltages of particular phases
  • current of particular phases taken-off by the measured appliance
  • active power input P, apparent input S and power factor cosϕ of the measured appliance
  • insulation resistances RISO
  • protective conductor resistance RPE
  • alternating leakage current ID

Technical Parameters:

  • Network voltage ULN: 190V to 255V ± (1%MH + 10D)
  • Drawn phase current IL: 0,5 to 24A ± (3%MH + 0,3A)
  • Active input P (1 phase): (200 to 6000) W ± (5%MH +100W)
  • Apparent input S (1 phase): (200 to 6000) VA ± (5%MH +100VA)
  • Power factor cosφ: (0,50 to 1,00) ± 0,10
  • Protective conductor current IPE: (0 to 19,99) mA ± 0,40mA
  • Differential current IA: (0 to 19,99) mA ± 0,40mA
  • Contact current IF: (0 to 3,999) mA ± 0,40mA
  • Alternating leakage current ID: acc. to PU294 DELTA
  • Insulation resistance RISO: 20MΩ / 500V
  • Protective conductor current RPE: acc. to PU294 DELTA
  • Weight: approx. 5kg
  • Operating temperature: 23 °C ± 2 °C
  • Power supply: 3x230 V ± 2%
  • Dimensions: 406 x 330 x 174 mm